19 de Agosto: Dia Mundial de la Fotografia

_MG_8718 ©franvirues

©franvirues (Foto Tomada en Oporto)

Nazaré in Portugal

_MG_8789 ©franvirues


It is the place where the highest wave in the world was registered and I was not disappointed at all: Waves and Powerful Tides, pure Nature and Humans Being as a part of the Environment…

Trance In Music Festivals In Spain

_MG_9201 redes ©franvirues


Vintage Trouble Band in NoSinMúsica 2018 Cádiz

Music Festivals in Spain have grown a lot in recent years. Personally, I really enjoy with new bands and their music, and especially with everything that generates around: good energies, passion and ecstasy for some groups of music, and in this case, the “trance” of the vocalist immersed in the crowd
Some of my photographs look for situations where the human being is on the edge of the abyss. Maybe these days do not have to wait for it in rituals or religious traditions, but in this type of music events