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If I had to define “beauty” maybe it would be the mouth of the River Guadalquivir in Sanlucar de Barrameda in summer at Sunset. Every time I go I find special moments with a vibrant and changing lights. The lights changes in a range of 15 minute from an intense red color to a weak yellow light. It is really amazing how the Atlantic Ocean links with the River Guadalquivir and remains rests of mud from the river when the tide is going out as well. If you try to compose the photo, the background includes there different lanes which helps you to take more  attractive photographs: the shore and the rests of muds, the River linked to the Atlantic Ocean and finally the National Park of Doñana.

The annual Horses Race is a very traditional celebration on the beach every summer and it   celebrates close and parallel to the shore. Although I am used to seeing it on Tv, I had never been to that spectacle. This year I decided to attend  and It was not disappointed me. On the contrary, it was tremendously exciting how horses and horsemen fight to win in the middle of that beauty nature. The national park of Doñana is in front of the beach which adds more attractive to the race too. Apart from the official bets there are non-official stands managed by children, in which people  can bet small amount of money. It is very funny to see long queues to bet 1 Euro maximum.

For me it is absolutely recommendable and indispensable to visit it if you are in the south of Andalusia.  It is different and involves a magical atmosphere with  really kind people.



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