A man on the Barrosa


I took it a week ago. During this month sunset is special for its colorful aspect, full of details and with a quick changing of tones on the horizon in a short period of time.. Sun goes down a in perfect harmony with nature and besides, it moves until disappearing behind cliffs along June.

I decided to walk and walk.There was a powerful high tide that practically encloses you. No matter if you feel tired or up to your ears, you can find a way to relax and solve your possible problems walking close to the shore. In the distance I could see a man with a peculiar hat that catched my attention. This man, with a book in his hands, went to the sea and decided to stay and gaze until the end of sunset. Staying very contemplative and meditative, he seemed to enjoy a lot at that awe-inspiring spectacle of nature.

Some supposed ideas came to my mind about that man: one of them was that the man was a entrepreneurs who came from Madrid to spend some days on la Barrosa beach and disconnect from the stressful life of the city; secondly, he wore a peculiar hat  to be different and extravagant in this place  compared with the mechanical urban city; and finally he had in his hands a fable-book which explained how change our current way of behaviour  in society through tales of animals. Maybe none of them are true, but it makes me spend a great time  thinking only about those ideas and doing exercises of empathy and imagination at the same time.

By the way, yesterday i was talking with a friend about how important empathy and imagination is in photography. This is maybe not very different to other ones, but I add it to incorporate this idea/thought that fluttering on my mind these days.



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