Calle Larios in Malaga

In Calle Larios redes sociales ©franvirues

It was taken the last February In Malaga in a short visit to my friend David. It is only to mention the need for rain these days. We are at the end of October and we have nearly 30 degrees celsius!


Jouvert in the Notting Hill Carnival

IMG_3841 ©franvirues


Jouvert is an funny event in the Notting Hill Carnival . I had to wake up very early (it celebrates from 6 am to 9 am on Sunday morning) but it was really worthy going. In a small loop we celebrated life, dancing and smiling with a sticky spray and colorful dusts “shared” to all people. The objetive is to eliminate all obstacles and charge positive energy..Wonderful!

Sometimes in street photography you look for the accident, the juxtaposition or the pirouettes to make the original or unique photo desperately, but at other times the beauty of the moment and the people shows you, becoming just a vehicle of what happens and  you let go..

In The Pride March (Madrid)

_MG_1021 franvirues

©franvirues Pride March Madrid

This photo could show the essence of the Pride March: a proof of freedom and love in spite of all unfavorable circumstances.
I took it almost to the end of the Pride March some week ago in Madrid and I only can say “thank you to all” for giving me the opportunity of being over there and witnesses of our times…
Soft lights from the Gran Via Avenue, love, humanity, emotions, reflection, ..

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

IMG_0982 Redes ©franvirues

Photo: Demonstration in Madrid 2016

“The “kitsch” provokes two tears of emotion, one immediately after another. The first tear says: How beautiful, the children run on the grass!
The second tear says: how beautiful it is to be excited with all of humanity when you see the children running on the grass!”
(The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera)

“El “kitsch” provoca dos lágrimas de emoción, una inmediatamente después de la otra. La primera lágrima dice : ¡Qué hermoso, los niños corren por el césped!
La segunda lágrima dice: ¡qué hermoso es estar emocionado junto a toda la humanidad al ver a los niños corriendo por el césped!”
(La insoportable levedad del ser de Milan Kundera)


San Marco-Venice

_MG_1010 redes ©franvirues

How many stories in the San Marco Square?.. How many good pictures by the classic photographers.. How many just to remember we were there ..?

People from different nationalities and circumstances …They might see each other only for a second while their looks cross …

How has inspired Venice to travelers and artists? The Merchant of Venice or Death in Venice.. A long history beside in the fragile and beautiful Venice…

“Nada resulta más extraño ni más irritante que las relaciones que se establecen entre personas que sólo se conocen de vista, que diariamente a todas horas, se tropiezan, se observan, viéndose obligados , por la etiqueta o por el capricho a no saludarse ni cruzar palabra, manteniendo el engaño de una indiferencia perfecta. Se produce entre ellos, inquietud e irritada curiosidad. Es la historia de un deseo de conocerse y tratarse insatisfecho, artificiosamente contenido, y en especial, de una especie de estimación exaltada. Pues el hombre ama y honra al hombre mientras no puede juzgarle y el deseo se engendra por el conocimiento defectuoso…”  Muerte en Venecia (Thomas Mann)

“Nothing is more strange or more irritating than the relationships that are established between people who are only known by sight, who daily at all times, stumble, observe, forced, by the label or by the whim to not greet or cross any words, maintaining the deceitfulness of a perfect indifference.  It produces among them restlessness and irritated curiosity. It is the history of a desire to know and to be treated unsatisfied, artificially content, and in particular, a kind of exalted esteem. And man honors man while he can not judge him and desire is engendered by faulty knowledge … ” Death In Venice (Thomas Mann)