In the birth of the River Tinto

In a recent visit to this peculiar River , I decided to go to the birth near Nerva town. Nature, minerals,  figures in my imaginary or not??, acid ph water and microorganisms join in this loved River, I will come back!

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The Mass in the NottingHill Carnival

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And a thought by Lawrence Alloway curator and art critic about mass arts

“Rejection of the mass produced arts is not, as critics think, a defence of culture but an attack on it…the new role for the fine arts is to be one of the possible forms of communication in an expanding framework that also includes the mass arts.”

“El rechazo de las artes producidas en masa no es, como creen los críticos, una defensa de la cultura sino un ataque a ella … el nuevo papel de las bellas artes es ser una de las posibles formas de comunicación en un marco en expansión que también incluye el arte de masas”