Bright , Spark and Jokes (Cadiz Carnival)



In Grazalema


Grazalema @franvirues

When I go to an event and at the beginning I see some very interesting characters, I always think that there are stories to tell and I must be patient and alert...When all the elements join and show you in a peculiar way, I feel that work hard is worth doing..And when my subjectivity and way of looking appear in the scene, I finally realize that I have connected not only with that specific moment but also with all the event

Cadiz Carnival on Sunday

Carnival_2016 _@franvirues

It was a big day in Cadiz, with many visitors from all parts of Spain and I spent my day off walking, enjoying and taking photos in this Comedy Party. For me The Carnival of Cadiz is an opportunity to dust off my camera, observe people and shoot in those special days. After an exhausted day in Cadiz, I returned to my town by train. The Train Station was crowded and I took this image: groups of people, separated by the windows of that train, showed in front of me with different behaviors….

“The Disasters of War” In El Bosque

I went to El Bosque town in Cadiz some weeks ago with a clear objective of seeing  the Recreation of “the disasters of war” etchings, which were painted by the famous painter Goya in the 19th century , and It did not disappoint me at all.
These photos are a sample of some scenes (perfectly  and surprisingly recreated by organizers within the Battle of French event). I have tried to show them in chronological order , belonging the first photo to the dance of welcoming act and the second one the dance of fire act, previously to the Recreation.
Experts says that in those great series everybody share the condition of victims: French, women, plebs..Undoubtedly all we lose with Wars…

For more information of “the Disasters of War”

And Facebook page of  the Bicentenario El Bosque organisers

The fair became a big teddy at midnight

feria 1 @franvirues feria 4 Sometimes it is a matter of luck to find interesting photographs. I went to see the fireworks with some friends and in this year, we saw them from the centre of the fair. We were waiting for patiently when I realized I could approach to observe them better. I took some photos before making this composition playing with all elements: “the fair became a big teddy at midnight..” Testing with all elements around me, I went out to enjoy firmly with photography and I received a big smile in response. I add another photo about Mickey Mouse, fairground rides and my point of  view.