Mass in the NottingHill Carnival

_MG_4470 ©franvirues


And a thought by Lawrence Alloway curator and art critic about mass arts that  I saw in a recent visit to the Tate Modern Museum.

“Rejection of the mass produced arts is not, as critics think, a defence of culture but an attack on it…the new role for the fine arts is to be one of the possible forms of communication in an expanding framework that also includes the mass arts.”

“El rechazo de las artes producidas en masa no es, como creen los críticos, una defensa de la cultura sino un ataque a ella … el nuevo papel de las bellas artes es ser una de las posibles formas de comunicación en un marco en expansión que también incluye la artes de masas”


Jouvert in the Notting Hill Carnival

IMG_3841 ©franvirues


Jouvert is an funny event in the Notting Hill Carnival . I had to wake up very early (it celebrates from 6 am to 9 am on Sunday morning) but it was really worthy going. In a small loop we celebrated life, dancing and smiling with a sticky spray and colorful dusts “shared” to all people. The objetive is to eliminate all obstacles and charge positive energy..Wonderful!

Sometimes in street photography you look for the accident, the juxtaposition or the pirouettes to make the original or unique photo desperately, but at other times the beauty of the moment and the people shows you, becoming just a vehicle of what happens and  you let go..

Waiting for the bus in Lisbon

_MG_4629 franvirues

©Lisbon FranVirues

I was going to the Belem Area to see the end of the day when I saw this soft light near the Comercio Square. The light transformed the scene in something interesting, even magical I would say, with the crowd of people waiting for the same purpose (get in the bus). When I see this photo, the phrase of Trent Parker comes to my mind “the light turns the ordinary into the extraordinary”. It was ,with no doubt, an special moment in Lisbon