The Art of Street Photography Exhibition


Happy to be selected and an honor to be among so good and admired Photographers!

A great opportunity to see Very Good Street Photography in Dublin!


Exposición colectiva en Sevilla

Se inauguró el viernes Pasado la Exposición colectiva de Fotografía Urbana con el colectivo Instreet Sevilla. Estará hasta el viernes 30 de junio y su horario coincide con la apertura del bar a partir de las 19,30 h de la tarde.
Se proyectará en soporte digital, con fotografías de otros fotógrafos callejeros de Sevilla.
Participo con dos de mis fotos, una tomada en Londres y otra en Vejer de la Frontera…

The I Collective Exhibition of Urban Photography was inaugurated last Friday with the group Instreet Sevilla. It will be until Friday 30th of June and its schedule coincides with the daily opening of the bar from 19.30 in the afternoon.
It will be screened in digital format, with photographs of other street photographers from Seville.
I participate with two of my photos, one taken in London and another in Vejer de la Frontera …



New webpage “FranviruesPhotos”

I have been working  with my new webpage in the last weeks in order to present an organized work and easy sight of my photographs.

I will add new photos in the future but for the moment, it is a first step to show part of my work . “Moments project” is a collection of photos based on the “decisive moment”, and it may grow in the future if I continue taking some other interesting photos….I will continue on projects such as “Conil Beach”, but I work basically guided by my intuition trying to take individual images of different situations (street photography, nature and human beings..Etc)

I hope you like it and at least have a good time with my photography…See you on the streets!



The II Intenational Contemporary Art Fair in Seville (SacoFair)


The II Intenational Contemporary Art Fair (Sacofair) in Seville opens tomorrow and I will be as a contributor artist in project, which represents artists in Spain and other countries, with some of my photographs.

I love visiting museums observing paintings and other expressions of art and It is an honor to contribute, in a small part through fomentarte, to art and culture in general.

At the same time, it will be a very good opportunity to see all the new movements in art (paintings, sculpture, photography…) and a way of contact with interesting people…

Link to Sacofair



PhotoIreland Festival

Stairs In Madrid_©franvirues


Very happy to be part of ‪#‎PhotoIreland‬ this July. I ´ll be participating in the exhibition ‪#‎ObscureStreet‬ in Dublin running from July 8th – 21st at the In-Spire Galerie including very good street photographers around the world: Richard Sandler (New York), Tatsuo Suzuki (Japan), Jessie Marlow (Austrailia), Dougie Wallace (Scotland), Gabi Ben Avraham (Israel), Nick Turpin (London), Sarah Choi (Hong Kong) & many more. Congratulations to everyone whose work will be featured and many thanks to Des Byrne and all the jury!
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“Train Station” on

©franvirues Train Station light

La obra “Train Station” ha sio elegida  para formar parte dentro de la exposición itinerante de . Está dentro de las preseleccionadas y no optará a los premios, pero me siento contento que haya sido elegida entre tantas en el universo y que se vea esta foto en las estaciones de ferrocarril de España. Las estaciones me atraen especialmente, suponen un punto de partida para cualquier viajero y el inicio de futuras experiencias, ilusiones…

El escritor Carlos Ruiz Zafón dice  “si me pierdo , que me busquen en una estación de tren..”, transmitiendo la fascinación por estos lugares. Desde luego que mucha vida transcurre en una estación de tren: idas y vueltas, , cansancio, encuentros y despedidas, ilusión, viajes,…..etc, como para ser desaprovechado por cualquier observador..

The work”Train Station” has chosen to be part  within the traveling exhibition of It is within the pre-selected ones and not opt for the final awards, but I’m happy that has been chosen among many in the universe and to display this photo in railway stations of Spain. Stations attract me especially, and they are a starting point for any traveler and the beginning of future experiences, dreams …

The writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon says “If I get lost, look for me in a train station ..”, conveying the fascination with these places. Of course a lot of life takes place in a train station: comings and goings,fatigue, meetings and leavings,excitements, trips, ….. etc, to be missed by any observer ..