Jouvert in the Notting Hill Carnival (Album)


The Barrosa Beach

The Barrrosa Beach ©franvirues

I usually walk on this beautiful beach with the historical castle of Santi Petri in the distance near my home. But every day it is different on lights and atmosphere. This photo was taken in a hight tide near sunset and lasting that type of light only a few minutes, considerably enough to enjoy with the moment and positive feelings…

Los números de 2015 . Feliz 2016!

Los duendes de las estadísticas de prepararon un informe sobre el año 2015 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un tren subterráneo de la ciudad de Nueva York transporta 1.200 personas. Este blog fue visto alrededor de 4.200 veces en 2015. Si fuera un tren de NY, le tomaría cerca de 4 viajes transportar tantas personas.

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Photo : Torrecilla walk b&n

02_Torrecilla Nevadobyn

While reviewing my photos from the last years, I remember specially my trip to the Torrecilla Walk some years ago. It was an unexpected and special day accompanied by friends in a snowy day. Now I am choosing photos for my new webpage and among my photos, I have processed this image into a simple blackandwhite, which surprisingly stands out its beauty and special light from that place in that day.

It is said that Black and White processing emphasizes composition and light and I think it is completely right in this occasion.

A Bullfight in El Puerto

I hovered in my mind the idea of going to one of them to observe details which I can hardly watch on TV. Last summer I went to a charitable bullfight in el Puerto city near my home and these photos are the result of that. Bullfights have always been an social event specially in our recent past in Spain, and have attracted many photographers from different parts of the world. Nowadays there are pros and cons of celebrating this event, which I don’t want  to judge.

Salto en la Caleta y capitalismo -Jump on the Caleta beach and capitalism

Salto en la CAleta @franvirues (1)

Este es una imagen que hice este viernes en la Caleta, y  el pasado miércoles vi la  obra de teatro de Alberto San Juan “Autorretrato de un joven capitalista español”,  que me gustó por su humor, reflexión que genera y la manera amena y cercana de contarlo. Quizá la imagen y el texto no tengan nada que ver, o sí?… “Sé que vivo en una sociedad injusta hasta la crueldad. Y quiero que cambie. Pero no sé si estoy dispuesto a arriesgarme a perder en el intento todo lo que tengo. Quiero conservar mi fama, mi cotización comercial, mis propiedades. Estoy hablando en serio. Soy un joven capitalista español”. “Sería posible aprovechar la crisis para transformar la realidad?..Muchas fuerzas políticas entienden su renovación como una simple cuestión de edad, ese cambio generacional que facilita la perpetuación del sistema..Pero detrás de cada puerta está la calle, una calle removida, gente que quiere hablar de política y llenar los teatros. Ríe, aplaude, participa y exige valentía. Ser cobarde es una forma de tomar partido..” (Extracto obra teatro Autorretrato de un joven capitalista español..)

(In English)

This is a picture I took last Friday on the Caleta beach, and last Wednesday I saw the play of Alberto San Juan “Self-Portrait of a young Spanish capitalist ” that  I liked its humor, reflection generated and a entertaining and close way  to tell the story. Perhaps this image and play have nothing in common, or maybe yes ? … “I know we live in an unjust and even cruel society. And I want to change it. But, I do not know if I’m preparing to take risks and lose everything that  I have. I want to keep my fame, my business quote, my properties. I’m talking seriously. I am a Spanish young capitalist. ” “It would be possible to use the crisis to transform reality? .. Many political forces understand their renewal as a simple matter of age, the generational change that facilitates the perpetuation of our system..But,  behind every door is the street, a removed street , people who want to talk about politics and fill the theaters. He/She laughs, applauses, participates and requires courage. Being coward is a way of taking sides .. ” (Extract from the play “Self- Portrait of a young Spanish capitalist” ..)

A bunch of lonesome heroes Band

Although I usually take photos, it was very special and moving to do it  for  “A bunch of lonesome Heroes” band, a tribute to Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite musicians..Try to Join photos and inspiring  music do my work more special …  Below a link to a video made by the band from this lively concert In Cambalache jazz bar in Cadiz, combining music and images.

A man on the Barrosa


I took it a week ago. During this month sunset is special for its colorful aspect, full of details and with a quick changing of tones on the horizon in a short period of time.. Sun goes down a in perfect harmony with nature and besides, it moves until disappearing behind cliffs along June.

I decided to walk and walk.There was a powerful high tide that practically encloses you. No matter if you feel tired or up to your ears, you can find a way to relax and solve your possible problems walking close to the shore. In the distance I could see a man with a peculiar hat that catched my attention. This man, with a book in his hands, went to the sea and decided to stay and gaze until the end of sunset. Staying very contemplative and meditative, he seemed to enjoy a lot at that awe-inspiring spectacle of nature.

Some supposed ideas came to my mind about that man: one of them was that the man was a entrepreneurs who came from Madrid to spend some days on la Barrosa beach and disconnect from the stressful life of the city; secondly, he wore a peculiar hat  to be different and extravagant in this place  compared with the mechanical urban city; and finally he had in his hands a fable-book which explained how change our current way of behaviour  in society through tales of animals. Maybe none of them are true, but it makes me spend a great time  thinking only about those ideas and doing exercises of empathy and imagination at the same time.

By the way, yesterday i was talking with a friend about how important empathy and imagination is in photography. This is maybe not very different to other ones, but I add it to incorporate this idea/thought that fluttering on my mind these days.