San Marco-Venice

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How many stories in the San Marco Square?.. How many good pictures by the classic photographers.. How many just to remember we were there ..?

People from different nationalities and circumstances …They might see each other only for a second while their looks cross …

How has inspired Venice to travelers and artists? The Merchant of Venice or Death in Venice.. A long history beside in the fragile and beautiful Venice…

“Nada resulta más extraño ni más irritante que las relaciones que se establecen entre personas que sólo se conocen de vista, que diariamente a todas horas, se tropiezan, se observan, viéndose obligados , por la etiqueta o por el capricho a no saludarse ni cruzar palabra, manteniendo el engaño de una indiferencia perfecta. Se produce entre ellos, inquietud e irritada curiosidad. Es la historia de un deseo de conocerse y tratarse insatisfecho, artificiosamente contenido, y en especial, de una especie de estimación exaltada. Pues el hombre ama y honra al hombre mientras no puede juzgarle y el deseo se engendra por el conocimiento defectuoso…”  Muerte en Venecia (Thomas Mann)

“Nothing is more strange or more irritating than the relationships that are established between people who are only known by sight, who daily at all times, stumble, observe, forced, by the label or by the whim to not greet or cross any words, maintaining the deceitfulness of a perfect indifference.  It produces among them restlessness and irritated curiosity. It is the history of a desire to know and to be treated unsatisfied, artificially content, and in particular, a kind of exalted esteem. And man honors man while he can not judge him and desire is engendered by faulty knowledge … ” Death In Venice (Thomas Mann)




On Barcelona beach


I heard this phrase “Now reality is more complex than a simple contradiction…” on a Tv art programe, and I completely agree with it. We live in a world with many connections from people, ideas, objects…where photography particularly tries to organize and show a simple solution to that complexity..A contradiction is right, but sometimes it is not enough…