On Barcelona beach


I heard this phrase “Now reality is more complex than a simple contradiction…” on a Tv art programe, and I completely agree with it. We live in a world with many connections from people, ideas, objects…where photography particularly tries to organize and show a simple solution to that complexity..A contradiction is right, but sometimes it is not enough…

The Palace of Carlos V (Alhambra)


I love its lights and atmosphere. I must say that all the Alhambra is spectacular but I am falling in love of this Palace. I could stay hours observing and feeling that place and how lighs change during the day, and in fact, when i was going to leave the Alhambra in the evening, I came back again to see it the last time making this particular composition and story in this photo.

It was built by Pedro Machuca with austerity in a Mannierism style as a symbol of glory in the Carlos V empire,  with a circular courtyard  inside full of light, which penetrates softly during the day into the columns and structure of this original building.

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