Welcome to my blog!.  Urban Streets, Humans Beings and our cultural background and traditions are my interests, turning to the classic photographers to learn from them.
Thanks for dedicating your time to observe my photos and I hope you find it interesting. We meet you on the streets taking photographs..!fran redes sociales

“The camera is an excuse to be in places that otherwise do not belong. It provides me a connection point and a point of separation” Susan Meiselas  photographeer

“The determination is, in my point of  view, a mental exercise that develops instinct. Instinct allows us to advance the event, capturing all the facts that we feel we should shoot. This is a way to develop our attraction to the world” Alex Majoli photographer

I am a member of http://800iso.blogspot.com.es and http://www.luzpg.co.uk/ as well. I collaborate with www.blackandwhitestreetphotography.com , which I have published some of my street photos. My brief Cv and a selection of my photos on my webpage 

Any place could offer you an option to develop your creativity…

the Levante Wind ©franvirues

Photo: Levante Wïnd in Conil

16 comentarios sobre “About

  1. Felicidades Fran, me alegro que estes descubriendo al artista que siempre ha estado en ti. Disfruta de esta nueva etapa chavalote. Un abrazo. Pd mi mujer aún te está esperando para que le firmes las fotos que nos regalastes.

  2. Hay fotos muy bellas y bien trabajadas,el camino es largo pero lo más bonito es saberlo pasear,y en ello estás…disfruta de cada momento por que es único,y el mundo de la fotografía nos permite verlo así.Un abrazote.


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